logowebskeletonwarCreated by Gary Goddard, Skeleton Warriors premiered on CBS as part of the Saturday Morning Action Zone block in the fall of 1994.

The Complete Series Collection is now available on DVD from Goddard Film Group and VSC, loaded with all new special features including audio commentaries on select episodes and the exclusive behind the scenes documentary “Bad To the Bone: The Making of Skeleton Warriors”.

The classic CBS Saturday morning action-adventure series tells the story of the all-powerful Lightsar Crystal, which has protected the planet Luminaire for eons and has now been shattered by the treacherous Baron Dark. Without the crystal’s power the royal city has fallen to the evil forces of the Baron and his legion of outcasts and mercenaries. “Rewarded” for his evil deed with a ghastly new form – that of a living skeleton – the Baron now has the power to turn others of evil heart into Skeleton Warriors! The Legion of Light is the last line of defense in this war of good and evil. Led by young Prince Lightstar, a super-powered family of heroes confronts an epic challenge in every episode if this cult classic fantasy adventure.
Skeleton Warriors has boasted a highly lucrative licensing and Merchandising program with hundreds of consumer products released by more than 50 licensees including action figures, apparel, video games, comic books, trading cards, and more.


“It holds up surprisingly well and is a blast to watch. The character design is mind-blowing, the animation is great, and the fact that the episodes need to be watched chronologically make it more satisfying.”
-David Harley, Bloody Disgusting

“Within the first ten minutes you know who all the major players are, their motivations, and we’re in, we immediately know the plot of the episode, and it gets going. And, at the behest of series creator Gary Goddard, near-flawless CGI narration bookends each episode.”
– Dawn Hunt , DVD Verdict

“”The cancellation of the original SKELETON WARRIORS action figure line was one of the biggest tragedies in the toy world”.
– Dan Eardley, Pixel Dan